“I have very little ability to envision new concepts in my home. Sharlene used her impressive knowledge to help me elaborate and expand my ideas. She knew where and how to execute them and added more creative ones. Her greatest attribute has been her compassion and understanding along with a contagious passion for interior design. Using most of my old furniture and treasures, she has helped me execute the whole into an artistic reality taking the fear out of designing my home.”

Mary Taylor
Quebec, Canada

“With her professional ability to sense what will be appealing as well as functional, Sharlene reflected our family’s personality in our home. With her help, we now have a traditional and elegant residence that is even more beautiful than we imagined it could be. Her ideas and hard work are much appreciated.”

Nadia Schmigel
New York, USA

“Sharlene has been wonderful as an interior designer for me. She took the time to listen to my suggestions. She offered solutions for problem areas through tremendous talent and true concern. With her ability to make my house reflect my taste, she created a delight for the eyes as well as a warm and comfortable relaxed environment to live in. I want to thank her and highly recommend her talents.”

Habiba Amed

“Sharlene stands out as one of my best teachers, and only teacher with whom I still keep in touch. Her class was my first introduction to design school as well as a career in design. Many of the lessons learned in the class have become life and career lessons about dealing with clients, owning a design business, and maintaining an impeccable reputation.”

Jenny Letizia
Louisiana, USA

“…As a former interior design student of Mrs. Ionescu, I experienced first-hand her creative skill at teaching the various design principles. After all, most can decorate, but designing is a whole other level and one at which she is a genius! Whether designing for your home, your office, or your business, Mrs. Ionescu shows you how to make that space function well and look beautiful, regardless of size. In fact, design efficiency is her greatest teaching attribute, not to mention all the other creative techniques she uses to impart design principles as she develops your own innate talents. Whatever your reason or interest, taking a series of design workshops taught by Mrs. Ionescu will give the participant a clear and precise familiarity with design skills, methods and techniques to prepare for further career development, polish off the training you have already had, or re-fresh skills you possess that got rusty. For any scenario, this master teacher, designer and architect will ooze ideas to take your creativity and skill to the next level…”

Mary B
New Jersey

“My learning experience with Sharlene was great. she was technical and helpful with her teaching, and really knew her stuff. learned a lot from her, best teacher I’ve had.”

Vanessa Francia
British Columbia, Canada

“When I think back to the person who has influenced my life in a positive way, I can’t help thinking of Sharlene Ionescu. I thank her for believing in me. She inspired me to pursue my goals. The knowledge and wisdom that she imparted upon me has been a great help and support throughout the years. Because of her I am pursuing a master’s degree. I look forward to the day when I can do the same for someone else.”

Merva Scott
New York City, USA