Interior Design

We may perform any or all of the following interior design services:


  • Identification and analysis our client needs and goals
  • Review the resources and limitations of the project
  • Building condition surveys
  • Survey of the existing furniture, art and accessories
  • Feasibility study of the project
  • Review of safety and code requirements
  • Concept development
  • Production of preliminary sketches
  • Presentation of the design concepts for our client’s discussion and approval
  • Development of the final design


  • Space planning
  • Furniture: Arrangement, design and selection
  • Artwork and accessories selection
  • Selection of finishes for walls, ceilings, floorings, doors, siding, roofing, decking, railings, masonry
  • Color study and color selection
  • Hardware and millwork selection
  • Lighting design and lighting selection
  • Plumbing fixtures selection• Appliance selection
  • Signage